Online casino games

There is the variety of online casino games available via the I-net. Among the most favorite online casino games there are blackjack online, baccarat, poker, craps, slots online, etc.

As far as one the most widely played online casino games remain blackjack online and slots online, they are considered the brand games at any online casino.

Blackjack online

Blackjack game roots are in Europe. A lot of historians consider the game to be born in 17th century in Europe. It is widely accepted that the French players started with salons of the noble men and took the game called first "vingt-et-un" that is 21 in English. By the way, there is interesting evidence in the world literature, when the famous writer Miguel De Cervantes, the creator of the well-known adventures of Don Quixote, managed to write the story about the greatest cheat in blackjack and its sidekick. Further on the game was popularized all around the Europe and other countries of the world.

Later on the game was brought to the USA. Here, by immigrants with many other card games it was brought to the Las Vegas betting houses. Later on enterprisers managed to popularize the game and make it flourish like the really profitable business.

However, in 1931 in a small Nevada town, during the Great Depression in the USA economy, the blackjack history was made, when the gambling was legalized.

In 1990s the online casino software developers managed to introduce blackjack as one of the online casino games. Nowadays everyone with the computer, connection to the internet and the credit card can enjoy the game. Thus, blackjack online casino game took the features of the real together with the rules and strategies, etc.

Slots machines

The history of casino slots machines was set up in the mid-1800s, when New York manufacturing company developed the so called "poker machine." However, the father of the modern prototype of the slots was a mechanic named Charles Fey. He managed to make the slots machine history. It happened, when he created the first slot machine with the automatic payouts. His first slot machine had only three reels with five various symbols: a diamond, a horseshoe, a spade, a heart, and a special symbol "Liberty Bell." The machine was named after this special symbol. Spins that resulted in 3 "Liberty Bells" won 10 nickels.

In modern times both online and land slots require the pull to start the reels spinning no longer. Now, the action can be started with a single click of a computer mouse. Modern slots offer variety, better percentages and full spectrum of the rewards available online.

Though, Rival is younger and smaller among the safest software providers like Microgaming, Cryptologic or Playtech, it has already gained the publicity. The gaming platform is on of the best on the web. The date of official launch was early 2006. Since that time the company gained solid reputation in the world of gaming.The company provided with online casinos services the players were looking for long long time.  

Top game appeared as one of the latest software providers on the casino online arena. The first Top Game online casinos entered the gaming industry in 2008. However, provider was from the very beginning noticeable for its speed, easy download, accepting American Express credit cards and American players. It emerged like a brand new competitor in the realm of online casino software.  

888 Company is considered to be constant innovator in the sphere of gaming software providers constantly updating and implementing new ideas into the products.The most significant is that 888 have brought many innovative features and its operational functions in casinos including business and marketing development. 888 technologies developed its trend multi-player casino or poker room soft in-house.