How to play blackjack game

Playing blackjack is almost as easy as breathing! The rules are simple; blackjack strategy is easy as well. All you need is to memorize the rules and have a little luck to know how to play blackjack game

Blackjack table

First of all let’s talk about the blackjack table. You won’t miss it, and it is very hard to miss it among the other gambling tables. It is a semicircular table for from 5 to 9 players, with a sign “Blackjack” written on it. The only exception is casino online, for example – usually there is only one player against the dealer. There is a place opposite the players – the dealers place. There is a betting place on the table for each player. Cards for blackjack can be dealt from a dealer’s shoe, shuffling machine or from hand-held decks. Tips on the rules of blackjack on this particular table are usually written on it, and this of course will help to know how to play blackjack game.

Blackjack rules

The goal of the game is not to reach 21, as many think, but to beat the dealer. It is better not to exceed the limit of 21 points. If the player exceeds the limit – the player loses.

Cards values and players’ choices.

After the bets are set, the dealer spreads the cards to the players face up, and deals himself one face up and one face down. The game is ready to begin.
The main what you need to know about how to play blackjack game is the card and their value. Each card in the game has its own value. Cards from 2 to 10 are the same as the number they have.
Other cards, so called face cards like Jack, Queen and King are 10 points for each. So except 10s there are 12 more cards in each deck that have the same value.
Aces can be counted as 1 point and as 11 points. Let us explain: aces will be counted as 11 points if the player has a hand of less than 11 points, if 11 or more – aces will be counted as only 1 point.
When cards are dealt, each player has a choice of actions which can help to win the game.
HIT – means that the player needs one more card.
STAND – means that the player has enough cards.
DOUBLE DOWN – when the player says double down, it means that he\she wants to double the bets for this particular game. After the bets are doubled the player receives only one more card for this game.
SPLIT – If the player has two same cards or two cards both higher than 9 after the dealing theplayer can split them on two hands. The player needs to put the same bet as the original one to the second hand, and he\she will play both hands one by one.


The most powerful combination in the game is a blackjack. The blackjack is a combination of any ace and any of the 10 points valued cards. So if the player was dealt an ace and one of 10s, Jacks, Queens orKingshe\she automatically wins the game. Only in case the dealer too has a blackjack it is a “PUSH” (a draw) – nobody wins, nobody loses. You can learn more about hot to play blackjack game by reading blackjack strategy.
These are all rules that you need to know how to play blackjack game.

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