EU gambling laws review

European Gambling laws are a bit different from those of the USA. If we take the internet gambling laws, they are completely in mess. On the one hand, the member states are bond to accept all the goods and different types of services legally from the other member states. Still on the other hand, it was announced by the European Court of Justice that the gambling issues are considered to be the issues only of the competence of member states in the meaning that the European Union disposes the full jurisdiction to decide whether the gambling is legal or not in its specific territory.

The most paradoxical is the fact that still European Court rules that the bettors like consumers also have the rights for consumer protection. In such a case the Court recognizes the fact that legal online gambling is warrant as a business, and, hence, it is a trade venture that may bring some profits.

As the result, from country to the country the best online gambling is the disputable issue.

Notwithstanding all the negotiations, the majority of the EU countries support the gambling. In fact, they realize that it is better to allow and tax such kind of rewarding business rather than ban it. Casinos are more likely to enjoy the customers flow all around the Europe.

Such countries as Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Germany, France and Ireland experience the higher interest in both offline and online gambling activity.


The majority of European countries resorted to licensing of the gambling business in order to control the sphere. Indeed, it is an effective means of control. The casinos are obliged to acquire specific casino license, provide special rules concerning gambling practices.

Netherlands, for example, have completely legal gambling industry. For instance, Dutch Gaming Act cannot allow Dutch nationals get involved in the gambling operated by the software providers and companies that do not have the Dutch licensing.

At the same time the UK laws not only tolerate the business, but also support the foreign operators that are coming to Britain in running the business from the UK.

Unlike Europe, USA gambling laws differ in each state. There is no so much liberty of gaming here.

The general framework is as the follows: European countries allow their nations playing casino style games as long as the following practice is considered legal. However, there is no common permitted framework across all the European countries due to the fact that there is no particular laws concerning both online and offline gambling.

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