Best online gambling and its evolution

The best online gambling is considered to be relatively new, being founded in recent years. The internet gambling revolution is the result of the new path in gaming industry. Each phase of development is closely connected with the next one. Here is the number of events from the best online gambling troubles to its humble beginnings:

  • 1994 - Online casino was made possible by the free trade

Processing Zone Act, alongside the Free Trade was passed in 1994. The fact was the beginning of the legislation that resulted from this, start governing how the best online gambling is operated till the present.

Later on the companies with intentions of earning online money created the online money transfer programs.

  • 1996 - Casinos online started real money accepting

The first online money and gambling program was created in 1996. Online casino software enabled the first real cash to be betted at online casino. It changed the future of the best online gambling for better. The face of the gambling industry was changed.

  • 1998 - Progressive slots were introduced online

The very first online casino slots machine was introduced in this year. It was progressive means of the best online gambling and it became live. With the hundreds of people playing online with the help of connected machines it became a real lure. The attraction of the growing jackpots became to draw more and more customers. The first tries of legal online gambling were made.

  • 1999 - Online houses became multiplayer

At this time the first online multiplayer house software was introduced. This meant that the gamblers could easily share the gambling tables the first time in the history of the best online gambling and even communicate.

  • 2001 - The jackpot became progressive & acquired new heights

The progressive jackpot available online is now considered to be about half a million dollars -the first lump sum of money in the history of the best online gambling.

  • 2003 - Illegal online gambling and ECorga

ECorga was created. This body marked the new stage of the gaming industry to improve the security and safety. In order to ban the financial transactions, making processing money through the banking institutions, cards, etc. connected to the online gaming, the special course was taken by the governments of many countries.

  • 2004 - The illegal online gambling ban was contested

The world trade organization worked out that the gambling ban was contested. The matter was that the USA did not ban such gambling as horse racing or land casinos.

  • 2005 - Progressive jackpots kept growing

The winning jackpot made up almost two million dollars and was won in 2005.

  • Present

Notwithstanding the fact that the playing for real cash has becomemuch more difficult, the amount of players is growing constantly, alongside many playing options.

Also the number of games has increased drastically, at you can find popular casinos and games offered by each one of them.

Though, Rival is younger and smaller among the safest software providers like Microgaming, Cryptologic or Playtech, it has already gained the publicity. The gaming platform is on of the best on the web. The date of official launch was early 2006. Since that time the company gained solid reputation in the world of gaming.The company provided with online casinos services the players were looking for long long time.  

Top game appeared as one of the latest software providers on the casino online arena. The first Top Game online casinos entered the gaming industry in 2008. However, provider was from the very beginning noticeable for its speed, easy download, accepting American Express credit cards and American players. It emerged like a brand new competitor in the realm of online casino software.  

888 Company is considered to be constant innovator in the sphere of gaming software providers constantly updating and implementing new ideas into the products.The most significant is that 888 have brought many innovative features and its operational functions in casinos including business and marketing development. 888 technologies developed its trend multi-player casino or poker room soft in-house.